Monday, November 28, 2005

November 28, 2005


Sorry for the long time that I didn't update in. But anyways today was an interesting day.

Just after getting out of my last class I was walking down the hall as usual. I was about 15 feet from my locker when the fire alarm went off. And I thought "yeah right this is just a stupid drill", and kept walking to my locker. I was about 5 feet from my locker when a teacher yelled "What the heck are you doing this isnt a drill people!". I freaked and with my 3 books, 2 binders, and a folder, ran outside (well I kinda trotted with all that stuff I was carrying). So we waited for like 5 minutes when we heard sirens. That was when it hit us that "hey, maybe it isn't a drill!?!?". So we waited for another 15 minutes, the busses apparently left us. And people were still freaking out. The cell phone lines were jambed as many people around me realized as they dialed to no avail. Eventually we got the all clear to go inside. I ran to my locker as fast as I could. Grabbed my stuff. And made a bee-line to the bus. I was one of two people that had not already said "screw getting my homework and stuff, I'm goin to the bus". I panicked as I was about 50 feet away from the busses when they started leaving. I ran... and fortunately my bus hadn't left yet. I asked the kid sitting next to me what happened. He said all he knew was that something either leeked (as in gas or water) or something caught on fire. As I was leaving the building I also heard that all after-school activities were still on except those in the auditorium. So I'm guessing it was something in the auditorium either leaking or catching on fire, or a combination of the two. But thats just an assumption and you know what happens when you assum!?!? (You make an ass out of u and me)

So anyways... If I get more information I will comment back.


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