Monday, November 28, 2005

It's Wikipedia You N00bs!

Wikipedia's take on Newbies and various spelling variations, history, etc.

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November 28, 2005


Sorry for the long time that I didn't update in. But anyways today was an interesting day.

Just after getting out of my last class I was walking down the hall as usual. I was about 15 feet from my locker when the fire alarm went off. And I thought "yeah right this is just a stupid drill", and kept walking to my locker. I was about 5 feet from my locker when a teacher yelled "What the heck are you doing this isnt a drill people!". I freaked and with my 3 books, 2 binders, and a folder, ran outside (well I kinda trotted with all that stuff I was carrying). So we waited for like 5 minutes when we heard sirens. That was when it hit us that "hey, maybe it isn't a drill!?!?". So we waited for another 15 minutes, the busses apparently left us. And people were still freaking out. The cell phone lines were jambed as many people around me realized as they dialed to no avail. Eventually we got the all clear to go inside. I ran to my locker as fast as I could. Grabbed my stuff. And made a bee-line to the bus. I was one of two people that had not already said "screw getting my homework and stuff, I'm goin to the bus". I panicked as I was about 50 feet away from the busses when they started leaving. I ran... and fortunately my bus hadn't left yet. I asked the kid sitting next to me what happened. He said all he knew was that something either leeked (as in gas or water) or something caught on fire. As I was leaving the building I also heard that all after-school activities were still on except those in the auditorium. So I'm guessing it was something in the auditorium either leaking or catching on fire, or a combination of the two. But thats just an assumption and you know what happens when you assum!?!? (You make an ass out of u and me)

So anyways... If I get more information I will comment back.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Roomba remote control Web-cam

These guys took a roomba, took it apart, added some chips and a monitor, and made a web-cam. Check it out its pretty cool.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

AJAX Powered Users Online Counter

This site has a copy-and-paste script that you can put on your website that tells everyone how many users are currently viewing your website. It uses AJAX, so the counter displays the number of users online in real-time.

This is my site... Dude go digg it...

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Bacteria Take Pictures because of genetic 'programming'

The notorious E. coli bug made its film debut Wednesday. That's when researchers at the University of California, San Francisco and the University of Texas announced in the journal Nature that they had created photographs of themselves by programming the bacteria ... to make pictures in much the same way Kodak film produces images.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Simon Cowell Not Returning to American Idol?

"Not much publicity has surfaced around the January debut of the talent competition's fifth season and, according to the New York Times, a primary reason for the silence is the possibility that acid-tongued judge Simon Cowell may not be returning to the show to crush the dreams of Idol hopefuls in his signature fashion."

Could this mean that Simon Cowell is gone forever? That was one of the only reasons I acrually watched that show.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

November 11, 2005


Today is 11-11-05!!! If the mayans are right then the world will end in exactly 7 years from today (11-11-2012, 11:11 pm). Scary... I hope it doesn't...

Anyways the project that I was procrastinating on I finished... and turned in... and presented... I think I did pretty good on my presentation except I missed one of my terms that I labeled and constructed... So I was kicking myself after that.

But anyways...

I'm bored...

And Stuff...

Cya Later!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

November 8, 2005


I'm being a typical procrastinator. I got a project for science and I'm delaying and delaying... Speaking of science, I installed portable firefox on my teachers usb drive...

that was about all i accomplished...


cya later

Monday, November 07, 2005

Digg Effect: The Top 10 Things Webmasters Should Know

"One web guy's lessons he has learned from being on the digg front page a few times. He believes that webmasters trying to abuse digg to get ad clicks are just wasting their time. (Quit promoting yourself, you shmucks!) Good read."


Finally someone gets it right about the Digg Effect

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The early Middle Ages (614-911 A.D.) never happened?

"The Phantom Time Hypothesis suggests that the early Middle Ages (614-911 A.D.) never happened, but were added to the calendar long ago either by accident, by misinterpretation of documents, or by deliberate falsification by calendar conspirators.Check out why."



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November 7, 2005


Today I went to school as usual... And I got homework in Language Arts... as usual... And I was bored to tears in the rest of my classes... as usual... But my spanish teacher made me mad... Last week I was absent three days and the day I came back I asked whether I missed anything... She said I hadn't but today she dished out a whole packet and said "Oh oops I forgot to give this to you... It's still due tomorrow though"


Whatever (May update later)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

November 6, 2005


Today I got up, did some stuff and them went to violin lessons... I was talking to my mom about how its amazing that firefox has 100 million downloads within the first year when this lady interjected, "It's been around for more than a year, I've been running it for at least two and a half years". I believe she must have been mistaken but decided not to argue, after all maybe she meant Mozilla... Whatever, I may update later. For now Cya!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

November 5, 2005

Hello And Welcome to my blog... This is my first post... Yay! Whatever...